World’s fastest lightweight compact robot

The MZ series are the world’s fastest lightweight compact robots. These robots are available in dust-proof and drip-proof specifications, with multiple installation orientations that provide flexibility to automate a variety of processes for an all-round compact high-performance robot.

The hollow wrist construction for the MZ series includes an internal path for wiring, which provides a streamlined profile for working in confined spaces.The MZ12, which has a vast workspace, is the latest addition to the MZ series.

This high-speed and precise robot was designed with advanced CAD tools for a very lightweight, but strong, rigid structure, which helps improve cycle time by 12%

Reach1.882 mm
Payload25 kg
Repeatability± 0,05 mm
Clean Room Rating
Hollow Wrist or ArmHollow Wrist
MountingFloor, Inverted, Tilted
Weight250 kg
Protection Rating
Upper ArmIP67

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