Machine Tending

Machine tending is a common application of industrial automation, in which machines are automatically loaded and unloaded by robots or other automated systems. This type of automation can improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing and other industrial processes, as it allows machines to operate continuously without the need for human intervention.

Other applications of machine tending include material handling, assembly, and packaging, among others. Machine tending can also help to reduce the risk of injuries to workers by automating tasks that may be repetitive or hazardous.

Some common examples of machine tending in industrial automation include loading and unloading parts into and out of machining centers, picking and placing parts for assembly, and packaging finished products. In these applications, automated systems such as robots or automated conveyor systems can be used to move parts and materials between machines, allowing them to operate continuously without the need for human intervention.

This can improve the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing processes, as well as reducing the risk of injuries to workers.

Additionally, machine tending can be used in other industries such as food and beverage production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and automotive assembly, among others.

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