The 4-axis LP180 palletizing robot is a flexible and agile machine that is capable of handling a variety of load sizes and shapes. It is capable of high-speed palletizing, with a rate of up to 1,500 packages per hour for 130kg loads and up to 1,800 packages per hour for 60kg loads. It is also available in three different capacities: 130kg, 180kg, or 210kg. The compact design of the robot allows it to operate in a variety of work areas, while the easy-to-use teaching operations make it suitable for even novice users. Additionally, the robot features an automatic program generator and interactive instructions.

Reach3 210 mm
Payload180 kg
Repeatability± 0,4 mm
Clean Room Rating
Hollow Wrist or Arm
Weight1 150 kg
Protection Rating
Upper ArmIP54

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