The MC600 is a robot with a hollow wrist design that can handle a payload of 600kg. It has a strong wrist with high torque capacity, making it suitable for handling large guns and workpieces. The robot's wrist is hollow, allowing for easy routing of cables and hoses, which improves the reliability of ancillary equipment. In addition, the MC600 has a large operating envelope and is capable of high-speed operations. It comes with standard signal wires and is compatible with the Air 2 system, DeviceNet cable, and LAN cable. Overall, this robot is well-suited for heavy loading applications and can easily replace existing equipment.

Reach2 890 mm
Payload600 kg
Repeatability± 0,3 mm
Clean Room Rating
Hollow Wrist or ArmHollow Arm
Weight2 850 kg
Protection Rating
Upper ArmIP54

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